2 Putins


Some people are having a difficult time getting informed … If you’re getting snarky and saying nothing is happening and so-and-so is not for real, etc.then you’re not a very spiritual person and you’re going to struggle.

I don’t know how many times we have to say that most of the activity is happening behind the scenes and nothing is what it seems. If you want the reality to be stated on the mainstream news in plain languageyou’ll have a long wait.


The following was sent to me by an acquaintance, and I have been unable to verify the original source.  I have seen similar information from different sources over the past 2 years, that corroborate this information.  Denis Murdock

The original Putin was said to have been a deranged mobster and gangster, according to members of the Russian government. He would kill anyone who got in his way or anyone he simply wasn’t a fan of. Everyone around him lived in fear of their lives. Russian officials got together and filed charges against Putin for all the murders he’d committed.

Above, you will see pictures of Putin being jailed inside of a courtroom. A guilty verdict was quickly handed down and Putin was “swiftly” executed that evening in December 2011, for crimes against humanity and extreme torture of his victims.

I first found a video on YouTube of Mrs. Putin claiming the new Putin was not her husband and that he was removed from their home one night in 2010 by Russian officials and he was never seen by her again. A few weeks later, a different man was dropped off at their home and the military tells her the man is her husband. It is clear to her he is not. She says she sleeps on the couch from that day forward, as there is a stranger in her bed. She eventually works up the nerve to tell him she wants a divorce because she will not be married to a complete stranger.

Mrs. Putin stated the man agreed by saying he was relieved because he was not attracted to her. The Putins suddenly divorce not long after Putin was replaced. Mrs. Putin disappears with her two daughters, which no one has ever seen since that time, and is never seen again herself. Putin 2.0 then began dating a much younger woman with whom he seemed much happier. Everyone believed Putin merely traded up as most men in power seem to do without a second thought, but no one realized this was not the same person at all.

I noticed that no one in the United States was talking about this! However, Russian media, from where I learned of this story, was all abuzz with this information. They knew the Putin we see today was NOT the real Putin and they were celebrating this fact.


Because the second Putinthe replacement Putin, was brought in to clean house and clear out Russian corruption, the same exact way Trump was placed in power to do so in the great U.S.A.


Absolutely not!

Putin made Russia great again!! He kicked the Deep State out of Russia, although they do still very much exist today, but more so on the “fringe” outskirts of Russian and within neighboring countries like Ukraine. Putin kicked “Deep State's butt” and Russia has been flourishing for quite some time ever since!

According to Russian citizens, Russia is now a safe and decent place to live thanks to Putin 2.0.

Many do not know, but President Trump has been taking cues from Putin 2.0 and what Russia was able to do to free itself from Deep State oppression over the past 9 years.

I realized Putin was cleaning up Russia when he forbade the United States from adopting children from Russian orphanages. There was overwhelming evidence these Russian children were being adopted in droves by Satanists and high-level Luciferians in atheist states to be used in Satanic Ritual. It was heartbreaking, but when Putin found out what was going on with these adoptions, he shut down the ability for the US to adopt the children, and brought the entire ring to a screeching halt. Putin 2.0 is one who understands the deep sickness that permeates the Cabal. No time for mercy. If one doesn’t put these people down, they simply move their operations next door (like to Ukraine); it is truly of no consequence to them.

Trump and Putin were the only two “Super Power” leaders, leading the fight against the Cabal together for the first few years. I believe this #plan has been in the works for decades and as soon as Putin was replaced and Trump was installed, just as from Dark to Light, the real game of saving this planet could begin.

Thank You Miracles Intel for this write-up.

PS The same Putin is clearing out the BIOweapons labs in Ukraine.  There is no invasion, and don't feel sorry for the Ukrainian people.  You are seeing old, stock photos and actors playing a role in the media.  The Ukrainians that know are ecstatic the corruption is being dealt with... including the criminal Biden family, Clintons, Romneys, Pelosis, et al... their sons all sit on boards with no qualifications, like Hunter.  The families all launder their money in Ukraine, and exposure would be the end of them.  Hence the fake war narrative, as fake as the Covid narrative!  The media narrative now WANTS you to think there is WWIII coming up.  NOPE!!!  Simply Putin bombing the DUMBs--deep underground military bases housing illegal bioweapons designed to depopulate the planet, sex-trafficked kids, and more.  Yes, special ops managed the extraction of the lethal bioweapons and live children first!  Duh... And, just so you know the real truth... the UN said Ukraine never established its borders, so technically it is still Russia!  There is no invasion... Putin can go in any time!

Taiwan is next.  They too have DUMBs and bioweapon labs--think Wuhan--and illegal drugs, etc. etc.  Xi is on top of all this and is also a good guy, working with Trump and Putin, and India's Mohdi and the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince--all working with world militaries to free the planet of immense corruption, bioweapons, illegal drug trafficking, satanic torture, murder of children, raped and sex-trafficked.

None of this will be found on TV.  All of it can be found on the Internet.  Some day soon all will be revealed.  Many will go to the hospital, it will be too much!  The rest will come awake finally to the tragedies and money laundering, and depopulation agendas of the UN, Gates Foundation, WEF, World Bank, IMF, etc. etc. etc. including most of Congress and the Senate.  They have ALL been on the take, and make their decisions against our US Freedoms.