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Child Sacrifice, WEF/WHO Power Grab by Dr. Malone - Good information from Dr. Malone - Dr. Malone and the Unity Project are one of the sponsors for the Better Way Conference - ARTICLE

States passing legislation to allow the murder of a newborn up to 4 weeks after they are born. There is legislation in CA and now MD. This is setting us up for the future euthanasia of what they call the “useless eaters” who are the disabled and the elderly. If they can legalize murdering a baby even after it is born then there is no stopping them with their plan to implement wide-scale euthanasia. If you understand the Obama/Biden (created by Ezekiel Emanuel who has served on both administrations) “Complete Lives System” agenda they believe health care should only be provided to people from 15-45 years of age. This has been what abortion has always been about. I have said this for years. When a society has no problem with killing their unborn then we are prime to carry off the murder of others, all for the common good of course. Looking at the progression of the legislation both the SB669 and HB626 have had their first reading and referred to Committee but there has been no further movement since March. Let's hope public outrage stops this insane legislation. ARTICLE

Americas Grand Jury - the first of 5 nights of a COVID Grand Jury. It was absolutely awesome. If there is a way to watch the first night (they had some technical issues to work through). The lawyers and witnesses (RFK Jr was one of them). I highly recommend watching it. April 11-15 8 pm ET. LINK

The LGBTQI PSYOP Is Running As Planned - ARTICLE

Pages and Pages of studies posted on the NIH website prove the true power of Ivermectin. It not only cures COVID and other flu viruses it fights cancer. Now, do you see why they want us to not have access to Ivermectin?? Ivermectin is a threat to their bottom line. It is a miracle drug and it is safer than aspirin. C. WEBSITE