I am a living man, over 70 years old.

I read, study much. I am surprised that much I see and learn is very different from what news, college, government tells us
and from what most people think, say or talk about.

I find the crowd of people who really want to know anything is very small, as most want to be associated with popular people & popular ideas.

It takes thinking to get to hidden, suppressed ideas.

Nothing that I say on any of my or other web sites, or my calls, e-mails, mail, etc. is to be considered a fact in life or law.
All I say is for your educational experience,, things I think need your consideration, things of which I cannot and do not guarantee any particular outcome. 
Outcomes vary on your confidence, situation and the particulars with which you deal; people, place, circumstances, time, experience and history.

I am speaking the best that I know. I may also be inconsistent.  Some times I change my thinking.

When I say anything, it is the best that I know (or remember) at the time.

I do not try to lie, deceive, exaggerate, or distort, although other could think that I do.

I am not bound by what others say, think or do.

I am just one guy, one voice, trying to call attention to things that I think are important.

I do not prove what I say. Some might accept what I say, some might investigate a little or a lot.

Surely most people say that something that I say is wrong (and falsely assume that other things I say are also wrong).

The point is, if you yourself do not investigate things, then you are prone to believe what others say.

When you only have one perspective of any issue , it seems true.

Beyond the particular knowledge or information on my web sites, or communications, I try to show other people, even junior high school kinds. they can find and know (a deeper) truth.

Knock a door will open, Ask, you will get answer, Seek you will find.     Gospel of Mathew from the bible.

Our world is what we think.  Many vie or strive to tell us things about our life and circumstances that would benefit THEM.

People chose not to think or learn, as they fear they might have some loss, in job, popularity, income, or something.

They don't even kwon what they would lose, but they choose not to think or consider certain subjects.

I try to show if you can just find one thing in your life that is different then you were told or then what you thought, maybe there are other things that you should reexamine.

I am pleased that I have (actually take/ use) the time, ability and opportunity to look for the deeper truth.

I Pray they keep me safe, healthy, happy, and that they lead and connect me to others who value truth.

Truth is the thing that does not change.

Laws change. Science changes it's understanding of the world. Eternal truths are fixed and don't change.

(I believe in the inviolate, absolute truth of God's words - but I also see that I or others may misinterpret it.

The more that you study, know, dwell on God's word, the better you'll understand the bible.
Those with little understanding, can easily make bad interpretations - favoring what they want to believe)

Truth is the rock on which we should all stand.

Forgive me, please, if I ever sound proud, haughty, authorities.

I know my only influence on any one is by invitation, suggestion. I have no force, nor wish to apply any.

Napoleon (& others) say that you can control people by the sword (force/ threat) or the pen (persuasion).

Unfortunately I see a 3rd force.  People can lie, so that you willing make decisions that will help them and hurt you.

I do not seek to change people, only to help them in their quest.

I have honed, sharpened great tools, like www.ThoughtPrint.org so that you can know things in seconds that others will wonder about for years.

The greatest lie is to believe that you cannot know truth,

and that you must be dependent on others for the information you get or the decisions you make.