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Wake Up - Truth Surround us. Research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Architect, ret. computer guru 1,000+ pages linked here !

The world is very different then main steam news and government tells us.
You can SEE the real world, when you CHOOSE to have a better life.  
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The most important thing is to seek, know and build a relation with Jesus Christ.  Beyond that, learn & stand in truth.

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I have 1,000s of facts to change your world (with truth), but my goal is not to teach facts but

to teach you METHOD, so that you, by yourself, can solve most any problem, and find the deeper truths.

Click topics on left like Introduction.  Hi, I am Ted Elden . a friendly guy.  I talk with many people all the time. I can help YOU !
I've had many careers: architect, importer, computer tech, photographer, publisher, published poet, historian, researcher, etc.


I want to give you clues. If you will use the internet, you can easily find access to knowledge, truth and benefit.

If you continue to rely on or listen to TV, news, government, institutions, universities and professionals,
    they will persuade you to believe them which allows them to increase their profit and control over you.


www.abodia.com/5    A simple summary of many illusions around us, like your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS,

     The UNITED STATES is a corporation and has no jurisdiction to fine, jail or interfere with you, living people, etc.


www.abodia.com/truth      Current Home Page for Truth Seekers 

www.abodia.com/t        My Truth Seeker site, a good place to start. Many other links from here, to index of 1,000s of videos, etc.


www.abodia.com/fe   Many things around us, commonly accepted, are simply not true. 
                 Suspend your beliefs. Consider these concepts, learn the deeper truth.  Is our earth a globe or is it a Flat Earth?

www.abodia.com/911  What Really Happened on 9-11, and why / how I woke up from all the illusions around us.

www.abodia.com/law    All US laws are voluntary.  Know this, then you can quit going to court, stop paying taxes, fines, etc.

    Everything in US law is based on contracts (since Erie v. Tompkins 1938)  If you don't sign their applications, then they have no control over you.  I/ We live on the land, West Virginia, Ohio, etc.  We are not subject to federal laws in WV, OH, PA, etc.

www.abodia.com/mail    Lean how we've mailed 9,000+ letters across the united States for just 2 postage.

    Mail for free, even international, certified mail.   Learn how, why, see samples.

    This mail proves Ohio is different then OH, real states are different then fiction 2 letter state abbreviations - those are territories..

    You are a living man or woman. You are above and separate governments and courts.
    If you don't: harm anyone, trespass on other's rights, or break a contract, you have no obligations to others, no involvement with pretend governments.

www.abodia.com/irs    Income Taxes are voluntary.  Learn how to stop volunteering !


www.abodia.com/update    Update, See 3 books by Judges revealing the illusion in US law, courts, corporations.

www.abodia.com/docs Learn you have the free Right to Travel without driver's license, confirmed by the US Supreme Court.

www.ThoughtPrint.org  Any teenager (or adult) can find and confirm amazing but suppressed truths we find.


Watch Philosophy of Liberty & Your Strawman

www.abodia.com/debt    You have no debts. learn how to clear them.

     They're based on fiction of your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

     You signed an application, but there is no contract, so you can step out of your obligation to any bank loan.

www.abodia.com/bank How Banks really work, how to step out of loan, payments !

www.abodia.com/trust    Trust and more, background on Your Strawman and much more.

www.abodia.com/f  Free Energy is available NOW.   We don't need oil, coal, gas for energy source.

 www.abodia.com/v   Vaccinations are often harmful.

www.abodia.com/conference  Conference - start your own conf. group..      

www.abodia.com/law US & state laws are voluntary. 

https://www.abodia.com/law/articles/Rights-Summary.htm Learn of your rights to stand on them ! 

www.abodia.com/court  What really goes on & how to handle it.  

https://mainerepublicemailalert.com/  Maine Republic Email Alert, David Robinson wrote 30+ books, see Amazon.com

www.abodia.com/itccs   Intl. Courts found the last Pope and those below him, involved in high crimes. The Vatican is now defunct, bankrupt.

         All governments, courts, banks, & corporations world wide are just private (defunct, bankrupt) corporations.
         They have no power over living people. Know how to apply that to gain your freedom !

www.abodia.com/oppt   Heather closed all corporations, banks & government world wide ? You can be free to know & apply this ?

Discussion and simplification of David Wynn Miller's Correct Sentence Structure - Reverse a court decision !

                      Elden's world:

www.TopORock.net    TopORock, round glass architectural studio on cliff side over looking river & Capitol city, built 1968

www.abodia.com/henry/index.htm  Henry Elden, architect, his life & work

www.abodia.com/  Ted Elden's world of photography: weddings, portraits, seniors, events, 1/2 million images, intl. photo award

www.abodia.com/te/poetry  Ted's published poetry, award winning, fun & funny.

www.abodia.com/te/holiday/christmas/ Greetings, inspiration, humor & more .

www.abodia.com/te/holiday/valentine    Valentine sentiments & humor.

Additional Index

Govern yourself or be governed by others.

When you make a claim, in writing, and send it by post (mail), or have it served on another,
     if they do not rebut or respond within 10 days, then you have default judgment or claim against them.


The world you see, comprehended, believe, and respond to comes to you in information you get from other people.

News, government, universities, institutions and professionals all lie to you or mislead you.
Most do not know the truth, so they don't even know they are lying.

What they tell you enables them to have power and control over you and to take:

         - your money, - rights, - property, - health and give them up to the powers above them.


You can be in charge of your life, when you CHOOSE to study; - learn & know truth, - rights, - law.
You can stand above all those around you who want to tell you what you must do.

        Their words, actions, codes are all a bluff. 

The more you know, the more you can learn, the more confidence you will have.

Most people live in a world of what they expect (from their conditioning thur gov't school, TV programming).

They expect that if they did not go to court, then they would be arrested, and therefore are.

Everything in US law is by contract. If you do not consent, do not understand and or do not sign, then you are exempt.


I have not gone to court many times when called. I had traffic tickets & court summons I just returned in 3 days, as do my friends.

What we expected to happen (arrest - jail) did not happen.

We no longer live in the shadows of what we thought would happen.

We develop the knowledge and the courage to stand for what we believe,

We see the powerful authorities around us back down, back off, leave us alone.

They are just uninformed bullies. They will push you as far as you can bear.

The more truth you know, the sooner you can step from their control.


Good Luck !    Ted            a (at) abodia.com


I cannot help everyone in a phone call or a meeting. What I have, I give abundantly for free.
The best thing I can teach you is how to learn, how to use your computer, tablet, mp3 player, the internet and more.

  and how to think clearly.  See my free book, A New Reality Book - Know Truth !
Then you can find and have direct access to the important truths and you can learn how to confirm and act on them.


Any donation is greatly appreciated, in cash or blank USPO Money Order to my mailing location. (wrap in paper if you like).
         I have no connection to PayPal nor any bank to accept checks.
            Friend, c/o 3501 MacCorkle Avenue SE # 304, Charleston, West Virginia.

            Do NOT use any zip, spell out all words.     $ 5,  $ 10, more ?

I can share much more information with you by mail, then by internet or e-mail.


Help me to help you !!


I am a poet, actually a word weaver or verse writer.


In my poetic attempts, I weave thoughts, sounds and meanings.


In my logical world, I also see the world, which comes to us in words, documents, declarations.


We have already won. I am trying to write it up. I'd love to have sympathetic critics.


Many of us have discovered the great evil that surrounds and enslaves us.


Some of us have learned that the court battle has already been finished and that we are the victors.


I desire to gather the proof of our victory and present it in a simple way that both we, the formerly enslaved,

and those, our former authorities, can easily see the game shifted.


I want to do this to stop the oppressors from continuing, to show them that they will face a penalty if they continue.


Anyone can ignore what I do, but I am on the proof, and I'd love some help.


My entire world, my proof and my facts comes from my belief that you and I can know.

www.ThoughtPrint.org is a simple way that anyone who can read can also know (the suppressed or hidden truths.).


In conclusion, you have to consider some things before you can accept them. Thought is progressive. From the foundation of some idea, you can see or consider others. As you accept the elements or layers of proofs, then you can see more distant horizons, or deeper concepts. 


You surely cannot see the deep concepts or the factual details, until you first consider the simple concepts that can lead you deeper.


I seek help from any to help me focus my presentation so that others or anyone might also read it and know it is true - by their own ability to read and think.


Please let me know if you will help me, and then I'll send you more.


Ted Elden


 I created 1,000+ web pages. They are not interlinked, but follow some topics deeper and deeper.

Some are linked from those above.



Here is how you know that all corporations, banks and governments are now defunct and have no power over you.



Know International Common Law Court found Pope/ church guilty of high crimes and took back their assets to give them to the people. www.abodia.com/itccs


No need to believe or follow me, but take my clues; read, study, learn, you can put these pieces together until you understand.


I've collected 1/2 million files on my computers: books, videos, articles, photos, web site link. (I have more than 2,000 of each.)

Learning truth is fun and beneficial.


Contact us in any way. We have skype conference calls, meetings, 100s, 1,000s of suppressed reference materials.

We try to help each other however we can.


I try to teach people technology.


Get a $ 100 digital tablet - I can put on a chip 1,000 books, or dozens of videos, etc.

Get a $ 20 mp3 player - I can give you radio interviews or content on 100s of subjects.

Get a DVD player - I can loan you 1,000s of DVD documentaries, Many you can view direct on You Tube.

Get a thumb drive, or a SD or mini SD chip, and let me load it with files.


What I have, you will not find at the Smithsonian Institute nor the Library of Congress.


I collected & share what THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.


My many web sites go over 100s of topics. It is the best that I could find at the time of my research.

You will always do best to check information yourself. Find a source with which you are comfortable, that you trust or believe.

I work with many sources I have not seen before. I simply look at what they say.

I integrate their ideas with what others say, until I am comfortable with understanding the whole picture.


Our world manifest as to what we think, but we choose what we study or learn.  What is popular, I find, is often very different then the truth, that you can know. As we are in a hurry, busy, having other obligations or desire, we often (mistakenly) accept what others present without knowing the subject deeper.


No one source, nor one piece of information is necessarily true, but you can study it and or look for confirmations, or discussion to know that subject better.  If you let others do your thinking, make your choices, you are giving away your power.

Many people are great manipulators, able to take what you pass over and use it for their power, profit, and control.


We all limit our time, our investigation to what we think has a benefit or profit. I find it is difficult to find a real truth, but I invest heavily in my reading to understand. In the end, I think that I get many benefits that others cannot get, because they have not yet realized that they make their world by how they think and what they believe.


They continue to live in the popular world, grasping titles, money, jobs, family & friends, not realizing that they are really giving away much of their own power, rights and property, and health, because they simply accept information that is not really true, but only an opinion coming from loud and popular voices (media/ gov./ institutions)

Please see my goals in the top left columns


We cannot solve our huge problems alone. I encourage people to think about them, talk and work with others.

Stand firm in truth against huge adversaries who have wealth, power, influence.


Even still small voices can make a difference. Helping others will help ourselves.


I have 1,000+ pages on this and related web sites,

but I have far more at my home/ studio; - DVD videos, - audio interviews, - books, - articles, - links and more.

I do not think that I am smarter then other people,

Am I stubborn or persistent ?


I sure go much deeper on various subjects then many people would think is important.


But in the depth of the research, you see things turn to your favor, to protect you, to aid you, to win against many presumed dominating forces. There are many people with knowledge who are working to help us all. Find, learn of them and support them.

Good Luck. God's speed.