Introduction - Ted Elden - June 27, 2022

Let's seek, find, confirm, share & stand in truth.

Truth will set us free. John 8:32

I am retired architect.  I served on Natl. Brd. of Architects.

In 2005, I studied what happened on 9-11 in NYC.  I studied that 6 months, 1,500+ hours.  I learned that news, government, universities & corporations intentionally lie to us to keep us in fear & confusion, so that they can rule over us.

They tax us illegally, fine & jail us without regard to our God given rights.

What can we do ?

Learn the truth !  The forces against us are powerful.  Let's meet & work with each other.

After my study on 9-11, I found that income tax is voluntary, so I learned how to stop volunteering. 

I learned that anyone can mail letters for 2 postage, as I've done 44,580+ times.  See

Since then, I've learned 100s of things, the opposite or suppressed from news, education, government & corporations.

Skull & Bones is secret society in Ivy League universities. They recruit people to these many secret societies and ultimately place them in either elected or not elected positions of great power. All these organizations working together have the ability to regulate world commerce, scarcity, price variations, control money.

The Federal Reserve devised ways to simply create money, while you & I have to work to earn money.  With their great wealth, they can influence (bribe) people in government, industry, science, medicine, to say what the elites want us to believe.

Most people cannot imagine what is really on going because they have not studied deeply any of these conspiracies.

These conspiracies are all tied together as you begin to understand who, what, how, and why these super rich, billionaires, want control over your life, wealth, health, freedom, even over what you think.

My website has 10,000+ articles I wrote where I try to show you basic things you probably have never considered nor studied.

Many other sources can give you much deeper insight on Federal Reserve, corporate government & courts, fluoride in water, chem trails in sky, nanobots & much much more.

My intent is that you see this is not one or 10 conspiracies, there are 100s, even 1,000s of on going crimes, unseen by the public, suppressed from media, education & government.

While we dance & debate border & tax issues, huge real crime are on going world wide in the effort of the elite, hidden rulers to gain control over everything about us, our property, friends, travel, money, habits and even our thoughts.

I may point you to website with particular information like & GreatAwakening.World

You & I, we cannot understand or learn all things, but initially we need to learn enough to see patterns.  We should not trust or believe people or organizations who have been lying to us for decades like:  CIA, NASA, US governments, universities & public schools, ....

Who should we believe ?  Most of us were taught (by the system around us, controlled by government, we were taught to believe, rely on "authorities" and "experts."

But as you study & consider information that is not popular nor easy to find, the new information can guide you through facts & reason to see that what you were told is not true, not possible and easily disputed.

By Observation & Reason we can find truth. shows many of examples of government agencies, like NASA, lying about the Moon Landing (hoax).

You have intelligence, you are on the internet & you have found this web site.

You can find the truth, but we must stop relying on mainstream news, authorities & simplified explanations of things that are much more complicated.

Since I learned that I can find the suppressed truths, I try to bring them to more simple explanations & exposure thru this website.

I am not smarter than other people, but I work hard, focused, investigating things that most just accept.

I've been doing this full time for 17 years, I have been following new truths to deep & deeper details.

I've collected & share 400,000+ files; videos, books, documentaries, interviews, articles, & more.

Please explore this web site & links to which I refer you.

Good Luck.

Yahuah, God wants us to wake up, be wise as serpents, avoid harm.

To accept information without investigating it is foolish. Prov. 18:13

People perish for lack of knowledge. Hos.4-6

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Heb. 11:1

Initially, I am sure you will think I am wrong on many subjects, but if you follow the information, your research or mine, I am certain you will generally agree with much of what I post here.

Please read on.  Thanks.   


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