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Here, temporarily, is information about being a citizen of your state, but not a citizen of the UNITED STATES, which is a private, for profit corporation who only has control over, jurisdiction over those who willingly contract with them.

Nationality summary.

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Roger Sayles found this in US Codes, law.  Simply by writing the sentence below & sending it to US & State: Attny. Gen. & Sec. of State, you become state national and establish that you are not a Citizen of the UNITED STATES.

UNITED STATES is a Federal Corporation, which only has control over it's property, those people deemed to be, or conceding to be citizens of the UNITED STATES..

More detailed in the You Tube & in Roger's book: Sovereign to Serf.

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Certificates of Non Citizen Nationality

become a national but not a citizen of the United States by making a declaration under oath before any court established by the Constitution or laws of the United States or any other court of record in the Commonwealth in the form as follows

" I _____ being duly sworn, hereby declare my intention to be a national but not a citizen of the United States."

US citizens have many obligations, taxes, court, US codes, etc.

Be a state national and restore many of your constitutional rights (that US citizens don't have.)

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I hope to find people who will read, watch, consider, debate this material.

I am doing this process now.

I know others who did this & know their successes from doing this.

I break this into part all linked from this page.

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Sovereign Living can make you Private Plates for your state..

Here is the place to start with video.

_ US Nationals video Here are typed notes of most what's discussed.

_ Nationality article

_ Simple Law - Here is the simplest of actions in law.

If you have not established a record, given notice, then

You are (presumed to be) subject to 64 million US Codes as you are presumed to be a US citizen.

Comments from friends.   from Thunder

Your Questions Answered: U.S. National vs U.S. Citizen - YouTube

Links - below derived from Judge Anna.


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