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Wake Up - Truth Surround us. Research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Architect, ret. computer guru

The world is very different then main steam news and government tells us.

These are scans from Sports Illustrated Magazine April 22, 2013 - Boston Marathon bombing.


Note the images below

The first is the cover photo.

Notice that it is a street level image, showing building in the background.

the images of the police in green vests are clear.


The 2nd Photo is a close up of that aerial view.


The 2nd Photo shows an aerial view of the same scene, without the buildings in the background.

It was shot from 20 or 30' above the road.


See more discussion at the bottom.




These are not true images. They are photoshopped.


The cover image does not show the other police men shown in the aerial photo.

It was taken from a different angle, about standing height to the scene

      (or the road and other things are photo shopped into the background)


In the aerial scene, if it were the original, why are the policemen covered in smoke which does not cover the guys in yellow to their left and right ?

The original image should be the best quality compared to a cropped piece.


You may think the person, whose back is to us, is a photographer taking the same photo at the same time.

I say that person is also photo shopped into that image.

People do not take the same picture at the same time from different places.  Way too much coincidence !


If the explosion was 200 feet behind them, and other people in the area are just looking,

what is causing these policemen to run in such a hurry.


Many published photos are staged, or photo shopped.  I began to notice all this cut and paste to published news photos

as Jack White, photographer, began to analyze and show these inconsistencies in published images of the J F Kennedy assassination and again in the 9-11 attacks supposedly on the Pentagon in Washington DC, 2001..


He started his analysis with the Kennedy assassination photos and then showed much from the 9-11 Pentagon photos.


Wake Up Americans.  We are being deceived by many people.


If you use your brain, reason and common sense,

then you too will begin to see these deceptions around us,

much coming directly from the national media.