slide storage

Store, sort and organize slides. Abodia is 
flexible to arrange transparencies and prints of various sizes. Yet it provides easy searching, viewing, and retrieval.
manage slides
Find, sort and file slides. Metal racks, filled with slides, pull in front of built-in viewing screen. 1000's of slides can be searched quickly. Racks allow individual slides to be selected, sorted and edited to arrange a presentation.
View or arrange slides easily on rack.
Add racks or change rack sequence.

Slide Presentations - prepare quickly - without disturbance. Shift a row of slides and re-sequence. Work from row to row, or from rack to rack. Temporarily stack different groups of slides inside on floor of cabinet in the work space.
If interrupted, close & lock cabinet doors slides are locked & protected from sun, dust, and disturbance.
Your slide sorting project will wait, protected - undisturbed, until you return, unlock & open the door.

Slide Programs: View master slides & lecture groups in the Abodia Visual. Store duplicates and packaged programs for loan in the base drawers. 
Master slides are safe from damage or loss.

Lectures: Select, assemble, and preview a lecture or slide program on a front rack. After showing slides, keep them together on a front rack so others may review the assembled lecture for a few weeks.  
Then return slides to different racks in the Abodia.



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