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NASA 25 Mar. 2019          University Presidents    President's addresses

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Am. Inst. of Architects,         Carnegie Mellon Univ. & University Presidents.

W. Va. Legislators,         W. Va. High School & College science teachers

See Letters sent to:

> American Inst. of Architects.  See truth on 9-11.

> Deans of Schools of Architecture in USA  (background info.)
and all architects in W. Va., many large Architecture firms in USA and Natl. Council of Arch. Reg. Boards.

> Carnegie Mellon University, President    > College Presidents ...  in W. Va. & Penna.

> Each W. Va. legislator- Senators & Delegates March 2018

> W. Va. Newspaper letter & addresses,       > (coming soon:)     > Blair Academy  faculty & classmates  > GWHS classmates

I mail 1,000s of letters, hopefully to encourage people think about the world around them.

Many people & organizations lie to us. They do that to increase their control over us and profit from us.
When we learn the truth, we should not submit and honor those who lie to us.

Any teenager or older can easily find these suppressed truths.

These truths are NOT in newspapers, nor TV, nor shown at universities.

We must first establish truth to know how to live and act.

If we fear (imaginary) terrors and are misinformed as to reality, we make bad decisions, take bad actions.

To aid, and honor those who lie is to destroy our own lives.

Anyone who accepts and or tells or teaches lies is equally culpable, equally evil with those who start the lie.

These letters point to many obvious things clearly explain on this website www.abodia.com

9-11, Sandy Hook & Moon Landing Hoaxes

Cancer & other cures, technologies, like free energy.

Mail, law, banking & loans, rights, corporations, ALL CAPITAL NAME, zip codes

All governments, courts, agencies are acting as private, foreign owned, for profit corporations.

They can only engage with other corporations like your name in ALL CAPITAL Letters.

Truth will make us Free. John 8:32

The more that you learn the more that you can learn.

Living in a world of assumptions is slowly destroying and killing millions of people, plants, properties.